The word "sculptor" attributed to Qleg Pinchuk is a capacious and extremely organic definition. Maybe because it is attributed not only to his creative work. He might as well be a strategist of General Staff, emissary of fhe UNO, or a PR professional. But it was his ability to sculpture his own self, adapt for himself the environment and conditions that predetermined his creative choice.

Any creative act is nothing but materialization of the creator's striving for the ideal On the other hand it is anybody's - be it an artist, a scientisl or a businessman - aspiration. However, the advantage of the artistic profession lies in the fact that while following this route, he leaves for permanent use the incarnation of his ideal. Thus, after a well-known Nekrasov's formula, he sows "the wise, the kind, the eternal". On the other hand, this scheme works only on certain conditions: if the artist is a creator by nature, and if he is in demand during his lifetime. And of course, one has to take into consideration physical historic time of his creative work.